Another personality test? News Flash: You are not locked in.

Have you ever taken a personality test multiple times, and somehow ended up with different results? Happens all the time!

Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, the Four Tendencies… whatever is popular these days… they are really fun and interesting!

And you should never make decisions based on their results.

Guys, there is no such thing as being locked into a certain personality or style. Life happens, and it changes you. We are learning beings, which means the input of new information can totally influence what we do and how we do it in the future.

The use of these personality or style tests in the workplace is an absolute detriment to your team and yourself.

If you want learning and growth, do not pay attention to results of these tests.

If you want adaptability and resourcefulness, do not pay attention to the results of these tests.

If you want to be selective about what serves you in the workplace and in life, do not pay attention to the results of these tests.

Take them for fun. Use them as conversational pieces at a party. But never make decisions based off them. And never feel like you’re locked in.

Do some traits identified through these test results resonate more than others? Of course! The primitive brain likes to draw overly simplistic connections and call them “truth” when they might not be at all. In contrast, the pre-frontal cortex knows that:

You can choose to be a different way,

make a different choice,

have a different response –

ANYTIME you determine the situation calls for it.


If you buy into the thought that people ARE ABSOLUTELY a particular way, you lose out on infinite options available to you and your team! Don’t limit yourselves.

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