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The process will involve candor and challenge.
It will be eye-opening and provocative at times.

And it will be worth it.

This why you need coaching if you have already started down the management path:

  1. You don’t have all the time in the world to “figure it out.” There is usually some accommodation for missteps, but probably not too much.
  2. You need someone in your corner. You might be able to commiserate with your work colleagues or discuss issues over drinks with your BFF, but that’s not the same as having someone who only has your professional interests at heart.
  3. It doesn’t have to be this arduous. Achievers are not afraid of hard work. Hard work is energizing when you get to reap the rewards. However, if your efforts and and the work you put in moves away from hard + beneficial into the realm of arduous + rudderless, guess what: you need a coach.

Here’s the bottom line:

Being a seasoned manager has nothing to do with some minimum number of hours or some pre-requisite for “putting in your dues.”

What if you could cut through that stress and frustration, find your optimal management style, begin your effectiveness as a manager with confidence now, and get on with the rest of your duties and responsibilities? Get started by filling out the form above, and I will contact you shortly!