Do the exact thing you need to do in your career.

It can be hard to make sound decisions about your career at critical stages. Aurelian Coaching helps you proactively manage your career, so that you can feel confident and excited about where you are and where you’re headed.

Aurelian Coaching provides the following services to mid-career professionals (those of you who have about 15+ years of work experience):

  • Individual coaching engagements centered on your particular career challenges
  • Group coaching for leadership development and the most effective management skills
  • Group coaching for novel networking strategies specific to your goals and strengths
  • Online courses and memberships for ongoing career support
  • Live workshops for resume building, interview strategy, and career path discovery
  • Free support and guidance through the Career Prime Facebook group

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Aurelian Coaching’s career coaching programs address the most common mid-career repositioning challenges.

Career Crafting: Do the exact thing you need to do to get the right career angle for you at this stage in your life.

Management and Leadership Development: Do the exact thing you need to do to perform exceptionally well in your current job.

Packages start at $1200 for 6 results-concentrated sessions.

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