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If you want to pivot from your current job and don’t know how to do it, let’s talk.
If you’ve been interviewing for various jobs yet not getting any offers, let’s talk.
If you’ve done all the “right” things but still have no traction, let’s definitely talk.

When looking for a career coach to improve your position either within your organization or into a new organization, it will take more than dusting off your resume and scrolling through interview questions online.

It will take strategic positioning, leveraging your unique combination of professional values, strengths and talents, and networking in meaningful, efficient ways.

Luckily, you have the perfect partner to help you do exactly that.

Meet the expert career coach who has launched mid-career professionals into the roles they really want. Let Nicole Coustier at Aurelian Coaching give you the exact language, tools and campaigns you need to stand out.

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Aurelian Coaching provides strategic career coaching and career management services in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We can get started within the next week.

My breakthrough session is a full hour of no-holds-barred coaching. I will tackle your thorniest career and management issues directly. After that one hour, I will send you back into your job hunt with more effective and actionable information than all the trial and error you’ve experienced to date.

Nicole Coustier

The process will involve evaluation and candor.
It will be eye-opening and thought-provoking.

And it will be worth it.

What if you could cut through stress and frustration and begin career management with confidence right now?

Sign up for a free breakthrough career coaching session with Nicole.

Aurelian Coaching’s career coaching programs address the most common mid-career repositioning challenges.

Finding a career that aligns well with your values, experience, and natural talents
▷Career Discovery Program, 3-4 sessions

Repositioning your professional brand: resume, portfolio, LinkedIn, interviewing
▷Career Advocacy Program, 5-7 sessions

Targeted 1:1 networking skills for mid-career professionals
▷Career Networking Program, 4-6 sessions

Leadership development and refinement of management skills
▷Career Leadership Program, 8-10 sessions
▷or 4-6 session monthly retainers

Open-agenda package of career coaching hours
Minimum of 4 hours

Programs start at $599.

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