Three 1:1 programs to get past your barriers and see success.


All 1:1 programs offer weekly coaching to
teach you how to spend only 15 minutes a day
getting the results you want in your life,
so it’s not disruptive to your demanding schedule.

Confused or uncertain ➤ Confident and engaged.
Give yourself the tools to cross that threshold.

Certainty Program

6 session intensive for $2,700, including topics of:
Emotional management
Difficult decision-making
Intersection of work and home
Eliminating limiting beliefs
Self-care | Mindfulness

Nicole is insightful, caring and provides
a holistic perspective.
– Destiny Archambault

I feel like this is what I needed to feel
progression in a way I haven’t before.
– Kim Bowman

Leadership Thinking + Performance Program

Execute exceptionally well in your role.
(Often employer reimbursed.)
$7,500 for 3 months of weekly coaching, including topics of:
Innovative thinking
Elimination of mental barriers to high performance
Self awareness as a leader
Inspiring teams and individuals
Relationship with conflict

What I love about Nicole is that
she forces you to see the big picture.
– Alyssa Grasso

Nicole is masterful at reading between the
lines and suggesting powerful tools that
will help in new and thoughtful ways. 
– Christina Delsman

Career Crafting Program

Find the right career angle
at this stage in your life.
$4,500 for 6 sessions, including topics of:
Personal brand/ positioning
Novel networking opportunities
Career campaigns

Nicole said you don’t have to always choose
between A or B. This has been the single best
thing I heard in my searching for my next job.  
– Er Chen

Working with Nicole helped me to gain
a new perspective about how to present myself
as someone who can contribute what others can’t.
– Kristine Buchanan

Leadership Mastermind Group

3 or 6 months of innovative solutions and
accountability with fellow high achievers.
By application only.

Corporate Clients
Please contact me at the link below
to discuss goals, programs and rates.

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