Thought Leadership

Plan > People > Pull-Through

Aurelian Coaching’s philosophy on thought leadership rests at the intersection of expertise, opinion, and relationship savvy.

These domains together provide the strategic backbone to any effort a professional wants to undertake to position themselves at the forefront of solving their industry’s toughest problems, pointing out its most exciting opportunities, and inspiring relevance to society as a whole.

The Plan > People > Pull-Through structure is designed to put the strategic domains of expertise, strong opinion, and relationships into an actionable framework.

With Nicole’s guidance, I was able to create a future for myself in this field of work. Working with Nicole has made me a valuable employee and a leader within my company. She offers great perspective on how to navigate the business world, and is an amazing resource to anyone interested in exploring their potential.

Jennifer Berge
Eli Lilly & Co.



You will create the foundation of your thought leadership journey: what do you care about, why does it matter, and what’s your contribution to the discussion or effort?

We will conduct a series of exercises to surface your area(s) of expertise, and what experience your expertise is built upon. This allows you to present the level of credibility necessary to navigate subsequent steps.


What you learn and apply in this unit is based on the science of networking. You will be restructuring your network’s view of your qualifications, contributions, and commitments.

The outcome of the People unit is a list of individuals in your network across multiple categories (champions or your personal Board of Directors, objectioners, collaborators and partners, mentees to carry messaging forward, etc.), that you can easily refer to the individuals for various needs and tactics as you execute on your results coming out of the Pull-Through unit.


The outcome of the Pull-Through unit is a GANTT chart (or other project tracking tools like Asana or Trello) that outlines the tactical steps you will be taking to establish your thought leadership.

It will include a list of collateral that needs to be developed (or collateral that exists that must be leveraged), the channels you will use to push your message out, and what will be pushed out when. We will be linking key performance indicators (KPIs) to your activity in order to understand whether you are truly making progress. This will involve both lead metrics and lag metrics.

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