The Origin Story

Aurelian Coaching was born in part out of necessity, and in part out of extremely strong – and sometimes unpopular – opinions.

Necessity because my husband had just died 6 months prior, and going back into a high-profile, high-intensity corporate job wasn’t what was going to work for my young family at that time. I absolutely loved my job, I loved my teams, and I loved my mentors and the company leadership.

But I had a toddler. And I needed a different gig.

Aurelian Coaching was also founded on an intensity of opinion that went against the grain. I was seeing very accomplished and talented people struggle with making good decisions on the job. These Achievers were experiencing confidence crises – some for the first time in their careers. Rather than searching for “the answer” to their issues externally, I knew that the answer – every answer – had to come from within themselves.

But these smart and ambitious people didn’t quite know how to stop looking externally, and instead look within. They didn’t trust themselves. They didn’t know how to tap into their own reservoir of wisdom and the rationale for why they did the things they did.

And they didn’t understand the rationale for why they didn’t do the things they knew they ought to do.

I had already taught scores of other leaders how to tap into WHY? they do a thing and when they don’t do a thing, WHY NOT? I had a compulsion to tell as many people as I could how to stop circling the wagons, face the deepest and most uncomfortable parts of their motivations, and FINALLY get past their own barriers to success.

So I started my own company to do it.

For 25 years, when I worked for someone else, whether that was the State government, a brilliant problem solver, or confused and frustrated medtech firms, I developed tools that would anchor decisions in rationale, linking that rationale to innate drivers of truly desired outcomes. And those tools facilitated some really tough and uncomfortable discussions about all the circumstances working against them, and their own perceived limitations that could send the whole initiative going sideways.

I created a safe space for people to look in the mirror and give name to their irrational fears.

Then I helped them conquer those irrational fears to smooth the way to success.

It’s the mission of Aurelian Coaching to help Achievers unlock their unique expertise, wisdom, and solutions to their own struggles. And it’s my great honor to do it every day!

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