The anti-perfectionist strategy: get your draft on!

Perfectionists typically focus on the end product. Try this on: Anti-perfectionism focuses on the (multiple) drafts in the process.

We’ve discussed how perfectionism can hide behind “high standards,” how there is no true perfection, and how making decisions can be a way to overcome what’s holding you back by trying to please others.

Now, if you are REALLY interested in overcoming the negative effects of perfectionism that you see in your life, whether in big ways or small, one approach is to focus on the “perfect” draft, rather than the perfect end product.

The perfect draft has 2 qualities:

  1. The draft serves the project’s or product’s objective. It doesn’t need to MEET it just yet, but it just needs to be clear that the draft is in line with the ultimate objective or purpose. Someone reviewing it would say, “Yep, I know why this exists.”
  2. The draft presents 1-3 questions that you can seek input on from others that will refine it.

The irony is that the FASTER you can circulate a “perfect” draft and get feedback, and the more frequently you do this, the more efficiently you’ll get closer to an end product that might actually meet your definition of perfection.

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