Leadership for Teams

The Surface Your Brilliance™ Program

If your leaders are not at peak performance, you're losing out on efficiency and results.

Your organization has mission-critical initiatives and revenue targets to meet, and on aggressive timelines. Your organization is growing!

Building and retaining talent, and ensuring teams work cohesively, is the secret to creating lasting impact in your industry and in the world.

You might have the greatest collection of minds in the industry. Make sure that isn’t wasted, and that you are leveraging that talent and intellectual capital the right way – first, so you don’t lose it, and second, so you get incredible results on all those mission-critical initiatives.


I have nothing by exceptionally positive things to say about Nicole. She assisted my team to transform a key service line, resulting in increased client retention and satisfaction and a highly functional and capable, synergistic, collaborative team.

Tonya Dowd


Vice President, RHEMA | MCRA

The Surface Your Brilliance™ program for organizational teams is a comprehensive coaching program that combines group coaching and individual coaching for your leaders.


The Surface Your Brilliance™ Program

Programs are customized for each organization’s needs. The information below is a sample, and your company program may vary.

Coaching includes:

  • Surfacing assumptions, perspectives, and cognitive biases; elimination of mental barriers to high performance
  • Innovative thinking and confident decision-making
  • Practicing proper unfiltered, non-judgmental brainstorming 
  • Addressing limiting beliefs in various engagements and interactions
  • Using high-EQ negotiation techniques

Tools include:

  • The DART Method® of deliberate planning
  • The Aurelian Coaching Objections-Strategies matrix
  • Surface Your Brilliance™ technique
  • Fear-setting exercises
  • The 5-Question Cascade Model for mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace

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