Taking action is always the win

It’s amazing to me how many people really believe they have a crystal ball.

I coach people who are convinced something will turn out negatively… which is why they won’t do it.

Every moment opens up infinite possibilities. We have boundless evidence of this. You prepare like crazy for something, and something goes wrong anyway. You are expecting the worst health news, yet the test comes back clear. You need exactly $2,500 to make ends meet, and then someone damages your car to the tune of… $2,500!… and wants to write you a check rather than go through insurance.

(That last one happened to my parents as a young couple starting out years ago.)

Of course you do your homework!

Of course you prepare!

Of course you practice!

So what crystal ball do you have that says it won’t work, or you won’t succeed, or you can’t accomplish a thing, or you won’t master a subject?

It’s just as likely to be successful as not because the possibilities are truly endless.

So you might as well do it.

You might fail. But then again, you might succeed.

And if you never attempt, your failure is guaranteed.

I’m not saying don’t be nervous, don’t be anxious. I’m saying go ahead and feel all those crazy things. But don’t let it prevent you from taking action. Taking action is always the win.


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