The Coaching Experience

Being proactive in uncertain times

Does anyone else feel like they're constantly on the defensive? External circumstances are thrust upon us. We respond as best as we can. Let me offer an alternative to being on the defensive: being more proactive. Being proactive actually doesn't take more energy than being passive or reactive. The energy you use in being proactive… Continue reading Being proactive in uncertain times

Career Repositioning

You need tips? I’ve got tips!

As you might know, Aurelian Coaching regularly provides career and management guidance through various media channels (Reader's Digest, Medium, Girlboss, the USAToday network, and more). I have a few new ones to report, this time via UpJourney. Check them out below!

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Big age gaps between managers and direct reports

Many leadership articles discuss how to communicate with and effectively manage the millennials. But what about managing an age gap in the other direction? How should millennial managers supervise someone older - maybe much older? There can be a decades-wide spread between a manager and a direct report. Awkward, uncomfortable, even upsetting? Most of the… Continue reading Big age gaps between managers and direct reports


The learning cycle at work

I had a few clients who were expressing sentiments such as: "I'm not feeling like myself," or, "I'm just not how I used to be on the job," or, "I'm not really feeling it anymore, and I don't know why." They attribute these feelings to no longer being challenged at work, or having no growth… Continue reading The learning cycle at work