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The Coaching Experience

Let’s get real: provocative questions

High achievers. Successful people. Talented employees. Mindful leaders. They all have their blinds spots. My job as a coach is to ask provocative questions to surface the root issues that are serving as blocks to their success, and help people resolve and remove those blocks, so that they can get back to the business of… Continue reading Let’s get real: provocative questions

The Coaching Experience

Being proactive in uncertain times

Does anyone else feel like they're constantly on the defensive? External circumstances are thrust upon us. We respond as best as we can. Let me offer an alternative to being on the defensive: being more proactive. Being proactive actually doesn't take more energy than being passive or reactive. The energy you use in being proactive… Continue reading Being proactive in uncertain times

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Career risk: get to the other side

On this side of career risk, where you are today, you may have fear and uncertainty. But on the other side of that risk, once you take that leap, you will know exactly what happened. The difference is simply preparation - knowing what to do if things go sideways. Avoiding risk isn't the answer. Check… Continue reading Career risk: get to the other side

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Career Repositioning

Get everything you want

Check out this week's short video (<5 min) to learn how to ask yourself the question that will give you greater freedom, to get everything you want. (As a side note, the link heads over to my free Career Prime Facebook Group - you should definitely join!) If you're more of a reader than… Continue reading Get everything you want

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Revisit the “career stories” you tell yourself. Are they holding you back?

Positioning yourself for opportunity is all about storytelling. But before you get wrapped up in how you tell your story to others, revisit the "career stories" you tell yourself. Make sure you evaluate the narratives you've developed about your interests and goals, your work history, your failures and capabilities, and determine whether those serve you… Continue reading Revisit the “career stories” you tell yourself. Are they holding you back?

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Career Repositioning

Mindset blocks: let’s get rid of these

You can't manage your career more proactively if you have thinking that holds you back. Resolve the most common mindset blocks! By doing so, you free yourself up to make better decisions and sound investments in yourself. This is a million times better rather than pouring time, energy, and money into externalities that you don't… Continue reading Mindset blocks: let’s get rid of these

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You need tips? I’ve got tips!

As you might know, Aurelian Coaching regularly provides career and management guidance through various media channels (Reader's Digest, Medium, Girlboss, the USAToday network, and more). I have a few new ones to report, this time via UpJourney. Check them out below!

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Career Repositioning

How to position for change: “Who are you,” exactly?

Today, we are going to tackle a bit of an evergreen question that professionals often struggle with, and that is how to talk about yourself. Whether it's advancement into management or positioning yourself for another job or industry change, the way to talk about yourself in an effective and meaningful way is to ask yourself… Continue reading How to position for change: “Who are you,” exactly?