Step Three of the Aurelian Coaching Model: Calendar Daily Wins for Getting Results

You have your desired outcomes.

You have your deliberate plan, with mitigating decisions informed on how things sometimes go wrong. You’ve explored and addressed your “why-nots” as much as you’ve explored your “whys.”

And now you need to act. If you’ve made it this far, welcome to the hard part. Welcome to execution.

Here is the key: calendar it.

That’s it?

That’s it.

The key to execution is your calendar. The minute you reserve precious time to act on your informed decisions is the minute you have truly committed to getting it done.

But you must calendar WINS and RESULTS, not activity.

If you want new job conditions, and you decided to network, calendaring time to “research” or “brainstorm” or “evaluate” or “explore” gets you… nowhere. 

Instead, reserve a half hour to send out 5 emails, and make 2 calls.


You’ve already done the planning! Swallow that pride, lean into the discomfort, stop procrastinating, and have something to show for that calendar time.

That’s how you execute. Honor yourself and your decisions by holding the space and time to CREATE, PRODUCE, and ACT for RESULTS.

Create a list of daily wins – make note of all the things you made, all the value you created, all the big and small accomplishments during the day. This is your record of progress, how you document your ongoing march toward your desired outcome.

And where it didn’t work out as planned and calendared – no problem. You have the DART Method of deliberate planning to help you identify and address these challenges proactively so that you can make the necessary adjustments. A minor tweak to your thinking and behavior might address a huge roadblock.

And for goodness’ sake, keep going.

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