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Let me guess.

You’ve had one or two promotions, now a mid-level professional. Your leadership and hard work are being recognized and rewarded. And to say thanks, your organization makes you a manager.

A manager?

Maybe you didn’t ask to be a manager, but you understand it’s just part of the position’s duties and responsibilities, so you’re willing to do it.

Maybe you don’t even like management duties, but you grit your teeth through it because you have to do it in order to move up the ranks.

Maybe you relish the challenge and are interested in being a great manager, but you don’t have a true mentor to help you know whether you’re doing well, or how to balance management duties with other responsibilities.


What if I told you that not only can management skills be learned, but…

  • You don’t have to wait years to gain the experience, and

  • You don’t have to read the top 100 management books to get there?

Good management is not just a matter of “either you have it or you don’t” – good management can be learned and mastered.

Content in this series is not disruptive to an organization’s established procedures and processes. Content in this series is for you, the individual manager, to be optimally effective in your role.

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Nicole’s feedback unlocked my more centered, communicative self. She did help immeasurably in finding my voice and articulating my vision.

– Rosalie Lamb