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Fill out the contact information below if you are interested on getting on the waiting list for the Management Mastery Program listed below, scheduled to be available in Fall 2018.

Individual management training modules

Each of the following modules will be available for purchase independently, and will come with additional bonuses, tools, and outside resources.

Module 1. Your role: Management values and effectiveness. What is a management mindset, and what value system is necessary to operate most efficiently and effectively in your role? Explore how the management mindset will translate to a positive impact on your skill level, values in the management role, and effectiveness in your management duties…. and leave the stress at the door.

Module 2. Your work: Disciplined execution. How do you stay on task amidst the whirlwind? How can you handle both the oversight of your teams and projects as well as your individual initiatives and responsibilities? Understand the key elements to organization and planning, problem solving and course correction, in order to execute like a master and make it home in time for a leisurely dinner.

Module 3. Your people: leadership, management, and authority. Can you be both liked and respected as a manager? How do you give constructive criticism well? How do you handle difficult conversations? Take a mystery out of people management with this focused and practical module that will help you deal with people well – and maintain your own personal management style while doing it.

Complete Management Mastery Program course

All modules above, plus:

  • Bonus module on negotiation
  • Bonus module on customer service optimization and and client problem-solving strategies
  • The entirety of the Aurelian Skill Masters toolkit (going back to the start of our free program)
  • Bonus Aurelian Coaching Model organization and planning bundle with resources, tips, and plenty of useful tools

Management Mastery VIP Package

The complete Management Mastery Program course above, plus:

  • 8 weeks of individualized management coaching focused on your top management issue
  • Private Facebook group
  • Complementary care packages, just for fun!
  • Half day group coaching event in wine country with fellow Management Mastery VIPs


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