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New perspective in critical thinking

This week, we are reviewing the 3-2-1 Model for Critical Thinking. I walk you through it in the video above.

In the Analysis step, we ask two questions:

(1) How we decide to interpret the information we receive, and

(2) What principles, whether from different perspectives, viewpoints or assumptions, we are applying.

Let me make it even simpler! Basically, the questions simplify to: So what? and What if?

So what? We are deciding what to interpret. This means we can just as well choose to give the information an alternate meaning. Once you realize this, you can develop a mindset that is open to potentially any interpretation of the same validated information. You avoid the trap of believing there is only one right answer. (There may very well be one right answer; however, you don’t back yourself into a corner in situations in which there isn’t!)

What if? Once you step back and understand that there are principles being applied in analysis, you can mix and match like puzzle pieces. You can try on different assumptions and perspectives to broaden your understanding of a subject, or articulate why certain assumptions or perspectives are not valid and do not support the data.

Use this model with your teams!

If you can roll this out to your colleagues, teams and direct reports, you will have a common framework to infuse discussions with productivity and utility. It will also help you be more efficient in what you are trying to accomplish.

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