Resilience takes practice

Resilience isn’t something you either have or don’t have. It’s not something that is only learned at an early age. You can begin resilience at any time, and kick it up a notch at any time. Below are some ways to improve your mindset that correlate strongly with building resilience.

Pay it forward. Given the opportunity to dwell on our own misfortunes, we often do. Focusing on helping someone else get what they need creates some much-needed distance from anxiety about our situations, and as a result, gives us some perspective needed to learn what we need to learn to move ahead.

Review your wins. As big as a misstep might feel in the moment, for every misstep, you’ve got at least one win, and likely more. You are not your decisions, so reviewing your past wins can help keep the bad decision separate from your identity, which is critical for resilience.

Control your narrative. I’ve written about this before. Your fail, your story. While the facts stand, you can tell the story however you want, especially in ways that will best serve you, rather than allowing others to dictate the story for you (and everyone else).

Want to be more resilient? Start now, start somewhere. It doesn’t have to be all at once, but each new step toward resilience can build a while new approach that will allow you to learn infinitely more than you know at this moment.

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