Novel Networking GROUP Coaching


Scheduled to begin mid-Feb 2020.

  • Number of sessions = 1 teaching content group session + 1 “office hours” session per week, for 8 weeks
  • Minimum requirements prior to engagement = A few, short professional development exercises prior to first group session


This is the networking program for people who think business networking feels somewhat fake at best, sleazy at worst – but who also know that networking is critical to their career strategy.

The goal of this group program is to establish a high functioning, collegial, supportive environment among accomplished professionals who are looking for alternatives to the standard networking best practices.

The curriculum will include:

  • Sharing strengths assessments and brainstorming how to leverage powerhouse talents
  • Novel ways of conductive efficient and effective networking that make sense for the professional in question (that’s YOU)
  • Understanding how to set up and execute a “networking campaign” aligned to the novel networking styles and strategies you land on
  • Talking about yourself comfortably
  • Employing active listening techniques and rapport building strategies
  • Accountability to execute on these novel strategies, with informal reporting on metrics, wins and learnings, pivots, and doubling down on what’s working

This program is a game-changer for people who want to expand their professional network in an authentic way… in a way that builds truly meaningful business relationships.

This includes mentorship, industry leadership, job opportunities, new hobbies and interests, and even genuine friendships – all through business channels!