Career Discovery Individual Coaching Engagement


  • A 3-session intensive, spread over the course of 3 weeks or less


Identify your professional values, surface your expertise, and tap into your natural talents in order to discover the career direction best suited to you.

This program is for people who:

  • Want to learn their strengths and how best to apply them
  • Don’t know what career path to take given their skills and experience to date
  • Have a few ideas of what they’d like to do, but not where to focus their efforts
  • Know they don’t want to stay on the current path, but need help finding a new path

This program includes:

  • Establishing your professional identity and inventorying your professional values
  • Defining a career vision
  • Joint conclusions drawn from collective assessments and exercises
  • Assistance with decision-making
  • Determining next steps for you to take in order to surface the necessary information to pursue these career paths

After purchase, you will receive an orientation email with next steps and a calendar link to begin scheduling your sessions with Nicole.