Monthly Retainer ~ Real-time situational coaching to meet your professional goals

This program is for:

  • People in mid-level or senior management, looking to improve their day to day effectiveness.

This program includes:

  • Goal setting (single session)
  • Flexible, open-agenda weekly sessions (weekly reiteration of goals, inventory of progress to date, identification of timely issues for situational coaching, accountability for activities and exercises in advance of our next session)

Monthly Retainer is designed for 4 sessions per calendar month (after 1 goal setting session) provided for $999/month.

There is a minimum 2 month contract to ensure prioritization and commitment to progression toward stated goals.

Nicole is responsive, easy to talk to and very professional. She is an amazing listener. She is able to process a lot of information and from it, is quickly able to provide solid guidance and options. She is warm, open and a pleasure to work with. [Our sessions] all have been productive.

Grace Ledesma

Nicole is a savvy, patient and very insightful career strategist and life counselor. Her ideas and reasoning are top notch but even more impressive is her ability to walk her talk and exemplify the values she espouses. Just a fantastic person to work with and be around!

Dan Tuden