The key to self-care and great leadership in both career and home life is HEALTHY EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT.

Especially in the COVID era, we need to increase self-care through emotional health and wellbeing. The Model Nicole teaches and uses in her life coaching practice is a way for Achievers to shift their limiting beliefs, feel on purpose rather than being always at the effect of emotions, and be the people they want to be in all of their relationships, personal and professional.

The course will be delivered via Google Classroom – very easy and intuitive to use, and you do not need a Google account to access it – and will include 6 lessons over 3 weeks. The lessons will be released Tuesdays and Fridays (March 23, 26, 30, April 6, 9, and 13)

Upon payment confirmation, you will receive a separate orientation email with instructions on how to access your course material in mid-March.

This course is 6 lessons delivered over 3 weeks. A $1,400 value for $159. The next course begins Tuesday, March 23.

In addition to access to the online course videos and exercises, Achievers who sign up for March 2021 get a BONUS complimentary 1:1 coaching session with Nicole! 

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What is the format of the course?

6 lessons over only 3 weeks. The lessons are going to be videos (between 10 and 30 minutes each).

There are also associated exercises (worksheets) for you to implement what you learn and practice The Model for Emotional Wellbeing, so that you can actually see the impact and result in your personal and professional life. The exercises are presented as my typical “Forward 15s” – things you can do in 15 minutes or less every day to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Lessons will be released on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What are the lessons about?

Lesson 1. Introduction to The Model
Lesson 2. Separating fact from thought and beliefs
Lesson 3. What actually drives your behavior
Lesson 4. Intentional models
Lesson 5. Using The Model in reverse
Lesson 6. Addressing common errors with The Model

Do I have to attend live?

Nope. It’s all recorded for you to access anytime you want.

Is there any additional support through the course?

Typically, no – the idea is to make the valuable information easily accessible without having to pay the heavier price of getting 1:1 coaching directly with me. However, as part of this offer, I’m giving you a single 1:1 coaching session to help you through your insights from the course and implementation challenges.

So it’s the best of both worlds – at your pace learning with extremely relevant and life-changing content at an accessible price PLUS the opportunity to work with me a little bit directly.

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