The Aurelian Coaching Mastermind Experience

You are the average of the 5 people you most associate with.
On the job, what does that say about you?

Surround yourself with other people
who have high expectations of themselves.

Then experience the support that will inspire you
to level up in the right ways.

It’s not rocket science:

  1. Define your goals. 
  2. Identify your obstacles. 
  3. Develop strategies to address obstacles.. 
  4. Take massive action to get it done. 


Why are those worthy goals?
Are you sure you’re not wasting time solving the wrong problem?
Are your strategies the right ones?
Do you know which beliefs hold you back from doing what you need to do?

Quit chasing your tail.

Get into a group of fellow Achievers
who help each other get results.

A lot of insightful and focused questions
about my current work situation and my goals.
– Marin M.

We’re already underway. Your fellow Achievers await your presence!

Sign up. 
Go through a brief orientation. 
Then we will slot you right in.

You watch how it’s done. 
Then you get to be in the hot seat.

And you will have the benefit of other great minds to help you go from just mindlessly collecting work experiences to…

– Networking like it’s the most natural thing in the world
– Optimizing resources with efficiency and without drama
– Spending your time on opportunities rather than problems
– Positioning yourself well and advocating for yourself
– Advancing your emotional intelligence 
– Making near term decisions that support long term goals

You’ve tried a number of tactics
with mixed or poor results.
Instead, try something new.

It has made me a valuable leader within my company.
Offers great perspective on how to navigate the business world.
An amazing resource.
– Jennifer B.

You might think your environment restricts you.
Or that your company leadership is misguided.
Or you might truly believe your situation is somehow holding you back.

But that’s likely not the case.

You can have the worst manager in history, AND you can achieve unparalleled success under them.

The organization might be a sinking ship, AND you’d have more advantages and opportunities than anyone else working there.

You might be operating in a toxic work environment, AND you’ll be free of drama, be super productive, and get great sleep at night.

Make it happen instead of
waiting for something in your
environment to change.

Instrumental in helping me get past
perceived mental blocks and external challenges,
so that I could act and start moving toward my goals.
– Anne B.

This opportunity is right for you IF you:
Can commit to an hour per week on Zoom.
– Are willing to be in the hot seat to get your leadership questions addressed.
– Will participate and give as good as you get with your fellow Achievers.
– Are willing to take action in uncertain times.

However, this opportunity is not a good match for you IF you:

  • De-prioritize the weekly Zoom call for others that you can reschedule.
  • Are a wallflower. This only works if everyone is all in and engaged.
  • Are unwilling to feel the discomfort of growth. Challenge yourself in great ways,
  • Fear success. Yes, that’s a real thing. So take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are ready to experience the success that everyone in this group sees.

If you meet the criteria above,
then let’s get started. 

Provided me a new level of clarity, confidence
and focus toward my desired outcome.
– Ryan S.

Still uncertain?

OK, then. Let’s talk about the next 3-6 months. What will your life be like WITHOUT this Leadership Mastermind?

“I don’t know” is the default answer.

After all, we live in uncertain times, right? 
Covid here! Race relations there! Down economy everywhere!

But what if you DID know about your life in the next 3-6 months because you…
… were in the driver’s seat?
… drew your own map and followed it?
… mastered your mental modeling?
… were aware of your emotional processing?
… were confident in your decision-making?
… managed career and life proactively?

Either the next 3-6 months will look exactly how it looks now, or you will be in the midst of change for the better that YOU created for yourself.

Are you willing to challenge yourself?
You will go from uncertain to confident.
Frustrated to excited.
Nervous to relieved.

All because you took the one action to invest in yourself.

Great brainstorming exercises.
All participating got something of value.
– Rowden S.

FAQs on format

  1. What days or times are these scheduled? What if I want to join, but the times are not convenient?
    • We schedule Mastermind Zoom calls throughout the week, but they are usually in early morning windows (6-8am) or afternoon windows (2-5pm) Pacific time. If another day and time needs to be created, we can do so with enough individuals signing up.
  2. What is the format of the weekly Zoom calls?
    • First, we start on time. Every member has 10-20 minutes, depending on who needs to be in the hot seat. They give a brief overview of their challenge, what they’ve done to date, perceived obstacles, and ask specific questions of peers for help. Then, there is feedback, Q&A, suggestions, and coaching questions asked of the person in the hot seat. Each hot seat session wraps with a commitment from the individual on what they will do and be accountable to next week. Each member’s time is monitored to ensure we get to the whole agenda. Then we end on time. 
    • No distractions or multi-tasking. You need to be on video the whole time, and learning from and contributing to solutions to others’ challenges, as much as you are in the hot seat yourself.
  3. Will there be new job opportunities in these groups?
    • The mastermind is not specifically a job search/networking group. If you and a fellow member see a mutually beneficial opportunity, great. If not, prepare to do the work in the group to create the job results you want in your life, regardless of immediate opportunities in the group itself.

FAQs on participants

  1. Will I be able to join a group of others in my same industry?
    • Groups are mixed industry, but are made up of senior leader or executive professionals. We want to get away from group-think from a narrow view in people’s respective industries.
  2. How many people are in a group? Are there limited spots available?
    • Group size is usually 5-8 people. If someone is cycling out, you can cycle in. If another group needs to be created, we can do so with enough individuals signing up.
  3. Are these facilitated? Is Nicole teaching and training, or is it member-driven?
    • Nicole is there for every group, every session. But every group is slightly different – some are extremely independent and well-regulated on their own. For some, Nicole provides structure for the members to engage. Occasionally, Nicole will offer a training topic if all the group members see value in it (for example, authentic networking strategies, or combatting negative mindsets).
  4. Are these sessions confidential? What privacy protections are in place?
    • When you sign up, you are signing a contract which you can see has a confidentiality clause that everyone in the group is subject to. The Zoom sessions are NOT recorded. So you need to show up live and in person to get the benefit of peer coaching and level-up strategies members are employing.

FAQs on purchasing

  1. What if I join and change my mind? Can I get a refund?
    • No refunds. This is an investment in yourself. You are either all in or not.
  2. Can this be reimbursed by my employer?
    • Yes, many employers have budgets for professional development. 
  3. How much? Is it worth it? Can I speak to someone about it?
    • 3 months (12 weeks) for $7500 -OR- 6 months (24 weeks) for $12,000.
    • You are not buying widgets with a shelf life to use up and discard when done. You are investing in yourself. Every investment in yourself – where you alone control 100% of the action and outcomes – has more potential for ROI than any other investment where you have less control and carry more risk. What you learn in the Leadership Mastermind will serve you the rest of your professional life. Specifically, you may see it manifest in anything from multiple-fold increases in compensation over time to improved overall wellness. 
    • You can chat with Nicole and ask questions about this opportunity – click here.

No more excuses. Be a *higher* average
of the 5 people you most surround yourself with.
It’s time to level up.

I feel like I gained a lot! A true blessing for me.
– Carol G.