Listen to yourself.

Ever find yourself saying, “Why am I doing this?”

Next time it happens, sit with the question a bit. Asking why is powerful. You are asking yourself because you don’t want to be doing what you are doing!

We’ve all got an inner voice. I’m not sure how it manifests for you, but for me, it comes as the most fleeting thought that occurs in a blink of eye that I can instantly ignore and act like it didn’t happen.

But my mind registered it. I just happened to continue with my day instead of stopping and exploring.

I learn so much from that inner voice. It took a significant event in my life to begin to listen to it, and even then, it has taken considerable practice to not ignore it at all.

Here’s the thing about that inner voice: You don’t actually have to do anything differently. You can decide things later, or not at all. Just listening and exploring is valuable in and of itself.

Listen to that voice that is telling you something about the job.

About a friend.

About risk. About fear. About desire.

Do not dismiss that voice. Do not dismiss yourself.

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