Life Coaching for Achievers

Application of the Model for emotional wellbeing

Achievers can learn how to feel on purpose.

Rather than always being at the effect of your circumstances and relationships, Achievers like you can proactively manage emotional health and wellbeing in profound ways.

Everyone knows that mindset shifts are the key to emotional health and wellbeing. The tricky part is knowing exactly how to accomplish the shift.

When manifestations don’t work, when affirmations only get you so far, when you want to think and feel differently but just can’t figure out how, it’s time to learn and apply the tools that are proven to get you from A to B once and for all.


Nicole helped me to find my power. The model that she uses and she teaches me how to use has inspired me to look at myself in a more autonomous and self-confident way. The changes that I’ve seen have been remarkable.


Life Coaching for Achievers

Coaching topics include:

  • Surfacing and unpacking limiting beliefs
  • Multiple strategies for shifting mindset
  • Setting boundaries appropriately

Tools include:

  • Fear-setting exercises
  • The Model for mental and emotional wellbeing


I came to Nicole when I was in a dark place professionally and emotionally. I felt very heard and got equal parts professional advice, and notes on personal development. After our sessions, I was primed and ready to get back out into the world.
Mike Demas
Videographer, Editor, Photographer
Nicole's feedback unlocked my more centered, communicative self. She did help immeasurably in finding my voice and articulating my vision. I can't help but laugh at my [old approach], especially now that I know all the doors are open to me.
Rosalie Lamb
ABM Practitioner, Owner | Your Thinking Body
Nicole asks good questions that do not feel invasive but allow me to dig deep & really think about using every decision as something that is either going to help me get closer or farther away from my vision. I've learned insightful ways to think about things.
Chris Damico
Business Development Strategist