Leadership for Teams

The Surface Your Brilliance™ Program


Your organization has mission-critical initiatives and revenue targets to meet, and on aggressive timelines.
  • But engineering doesn’t communicate well with R&D.
  • Clinical isn’t jibing with Sales and Marketing.
  • Entire teams are unfocused or inefficient.
  • Motivation and high morale is not currently the order of the day, though your teams have talent and high performers – who you want to retain.

How do you get everyone on the same page and moving in concert?

The Surface Your Brilliance™ program for organizational teams is a comprehensive coaching program that combines group coaching and individual coaching for your leaders.


I have nothing by exceptionally positive things to say about Nicole. I've worked Nicole for over a decade, and recently, Nicole assisted my team transform a key service line, resulting in increased client retention and satisfaction and a highly functional and capable synergistic collaborative team. I can't thank Nicole enough for all her efforts! 

Tonya Dowd


Vice President, RHEMA | MCRA


The Surface Your Brilliance™ Program

Programs are customized for each organization’s needs. The information below is a sample, and your company program may vary.

Coaching includes:

  • Surfacing mental manuals, assumptions and perspectives
  • Identifying cognitive biases in problem solving
  • Practicing proper unfiltered, non-judgmental brainstorming 
  • Addressing limiting beliefs in various engagements and interactions
  • Using high-EQ negotiation techniques

Tools include:

  • The DART Method® of note-taking and deliberate planning
  • The Aurelian Coaching Why-Nots matrix
  • Surface Your Brilliance™ technique
  • Fear-setting exercises
  • The Model for mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace

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