Introduction to the Aurelian Coaching Model

“I don’t know what I want.”

I hear this a lot. So much of our work life is not really about our options, the trade-offs, the pros and cons. Options and the resulting trade-offs are almost always crystal clear, if we listen to our inner voie. The tough part is what we are trying to avoid or control for: the aftermath or ramifications of our choice.

Maybe by putting off making the choice, or continuing to review the trade-offs over and over in your head with your spouse or BFF, the solution for how to handle the aftermath of your choice will magically make itself known or the issue will just go away entirely!



And that is our work at Aurelian Coaching. We are solving this problem – how to make a choice and follow through.

Here’s how:

  1. Don’t be afraid to articulate the outcome you want.
  2. Make decisions that most directly get you there. Identify where there are going to be hiccups and address them now, not later.
  3. Calendar for RESULTS, not activity.

A one-two-three step model. Every step may require some shift in mindset, maybe a little courage. You have to be honest with yourself. It might be hard! That’s OK. You can do hard things.

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