Individual Coaching: Your Goals, Your Results

Click on the career issue you’re having below, and discover the perfect individual coaching engagement to solve it.

“I’m not quite sure what I’m really good at.”
“I want to know the types of roles I’d thrive in.”

“I don’t know how to talk about myself well professionally.”
“I know I ought to network, but it feels awkward and unproductive.”

“I want to get promoted, but I keep hitting a wall.”
“I’d like a career pivot but not sure how to manage it.”
“I need a new job and want to position myself well.”

“I need a comprehensive career roadmap over the mid-long term.”

“I don’t know how to gain others’ trust and respect as a midlevel or senior manager.”
“I have no idea how to help others succeed and still get all of my own work done.”
“I’m overwhelmed with my work, and my performance is suffering.”

“I need a sounding board, someone who is always in my corner career-wise.”
“When random challenges come up, I want structured and specific situational coaching.”