I see you, perfectionist!

“I’m not really a perfectionist. I just have high standards.”

It turns out true perfectionists would never use the term “perfectionism.” They might find other people labeling them as such, but they rarely (or never) use the word to describe themselves.

Why? Because true perfectionism is a state of mind. It’s not a label that someone does or doesn’t identify with.

Perfectionism also is not about being perfect. Rather, it’s about not ever being good enough.

And so what? What’s the big deal? What’s wrong with having high standards?

Here’s the issue: those high standards are problematic if they are holding you back, if you are stagnant in career and home and love life, if there is a net-negative result of the perfectionism.

And there is no one who can answer those questions except for you. It’s only if you are frustrated or unsatisfied with your status or progress that you should revisit those high standards to see if you want to explore a different approach or mindset to your activities.

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