Group Coaching: Novel Networking Strategies Aligned to Your Particular Strengths and Goals

If you’ve ever felt that networking felt awkward, forced, inauthentic, or unproductive, then you haven’t found the networking techniques and strategies that are best for you. Networking “best practices” can fail to get results, no matter how many times you implement them. Don’t force yourself to network in a way that just doesn’t resonate with you.

Learn networking techniques that are right for you.

In this 6 week program, you will participate in a 1 hour live video training per week and a 1 hour live video Q&A per week, in a professional group of 3-5 other individuals, reviewing these topics:

– Customized networking campaigns
– Talking about yourself comfortably
– Employing active listening techniques and rapport building strategies
– Effective, genuine, and specific follow up tactics

How to sign up

Enrollment typically opens in the Fall and Spring. For the next enrollment period, email or set up a call for more information.