For Leaders Transitioning from a Corporate Role to their own Coaching Practice

Make the Jump!™ Program

For leaders and executives pivoting from an established company role into an independent coaching practice, you can avoid the typical trials and stressors.

Instead, jump right into revenue generation, solid credibility, and limitless social media content.

If you were (or currently are) in leadership with a salaried position, you have certain issues to manage in the stark transition to establishing your own coaching practice that other coaches don't necessarily have... but you also have a world of opportunity other coaches don't have.

Use the 3 specific strategies from Nicole on pivoting from corporate to coaching that you won't find anywhere else.



Learn how to reduce financial risk and optimize your coaching practice as you transition away from an established corporate role.
The Make the Jump! Program is based on 3 critical strategies that have worked to make the pivot from corporate to coaching not only tenable, but lucrative:
1. Move from Corporate to Consulting to Coaching (…and use retainer agreements to fund the transition and remove revenue uncertainties!)
2. Use introductory pricing as a way to build out value case studies, develop social media content, establish solid credibility in a new field (… and bake in your marketing strategy into those client contracts!)
3. Commit to building out your practice with supportive, encouraging, and celebratory accountability (… all without compromising on family and self-care!)

The Make the Jump! Program is not a coaching certification program. It is agnostic to your coaching history, style, philosophy, or experience. It won't teach you how to coach; it will only give you all you need to reduce uncertainty and leverage your expertise well as you make the pivot out of corporate.

You can reduce risk. You can succeed. You can realize incredible fulfillment as a spectacular coach.

You just need to use your unique position as a corporate leader to make this pivot way less painful than it needs to be.