Executive Coaching

The D.A.R.T. Method®️ of Deliberate Planning

High achievers working in demanding industries need to have executive thinking long before they have an executive title.

You can’t wait until you’re in the hot seat before you see yourself as an industry expert and learn high-stakes decision-making.

You already have what it takes...
But you need to cut through the clutter and leverage everything you've got.

Manage the discomfort of professional growth and step confidently into the weighty responsibility of true leadership using your unique combination of talent and expertise.


Nicole helped me realize how my own perspective was preventing me from moving forward in the way I needed. She helped me ultimately shift my viewpoint. After coaching, I had greater clarity to reach my goal.



The D.A.R.T. Method®️

The D.A.R.T. Method executive coaching program includes 12 sessions designed to help high achievers working in very demanding industries follow through on getting exactly the outcomes they want in their lives.

Busy achievers only need to spend 15 minutes a day on executing these strategies learned in our hour-long sessions.

Coaching around topics of:

  • Elimination of mental barriers to high performance
  • Innovative thinking and confident decision-making
  • Building self-awareness as a leader
  • Reframing conflict and discord
  • Self care and leadership wellness

Tools include:

  • The DART Method® of deliberate planning
  • The Aurelian Coaching Objection-Strategy matrix
  • Surface Your Brilliance™ technique
  • Fear-setting exercises
  • The 5-Question Cascade Model of emotional wellbeing

Eligible for employer reimbursement under professional development budgets


D.A.R.T. helps you identify the things you really desire - drilling down past your own perceptions or stories about what you do to find out what it truly is that drives you. I had never considered thinking about my path in that way. I really appreciate how she keeps me shedding those perceptions.
Marin Moran
Post Production Lead, Brand/Content Creative | Pandora
What I love about Nicole is that she forces you to see the big picture. I use what I have learned from the DART Method every single day. This coaching has impacted my career and life in such a positive way, I am forever grateful and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Alyssa Foster
Founding Partner | 4Front Strategic Partners LLC
Nicole helped me achieve breakthrough insights at a time when I was stuck in my career and seeking new purpose and focus. As a result of her coaching method, I created a stronger foundation from which to make decisions about my career, and I discovered a more effective way to navigate challenging work relationships. I found the lessons from our time together even carried over into my personal life. The gains from my time with Nicole far exceeded my expectations.
Victoria Graham
Manager, Strategic Initiatives | Facebook
Nicole is one of the most thoughtful, savvy individuals I have had the privilege of working with. She is masterful at listening, reading between the lines, and suggesting powerful tools like DART that will help advance you toward your goals in new and thoughtful ways. Nicole has provided me with extensive support as a leader and helped me successfully navigate a transition to a new company. Her support is immeasurable, puts me at ease and provides a refreshing lens!
Christina Delsman
Revenue Cycle Strategy | UCSF Medical Center

In 3 months, you could be in a fundamentally different place.
Or you could be exactly where you are right now.

It's time to invest in yourself to get everything you want,
personally and professionally.

Let's get started.



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