Leadership Development

Executive Thinking + Performance Program


Achievers like you have always done exceptional work and have been recognized for it.

Doing exceptional work will take you far… until it doesn’t anymore.

At more senior levels, you need higher-level strategies to hone your executive leadership skills. 

  • Increasing your EQ in reading the room 
  • Understanding rationale for why certain decisions are great in one situation and disastrous in another 
  • Eradicating limiting beliefs about yourself and your people and what you are all capable of 
  • Being truly creative in business 
Get your head on straight in order to focus despite distractions and truly embrace your executive leadership style.

Nicole's feedback unlocked my more centered, communicative self. She did help immeasurably in finding my voice and articulating my vision.



Vanessa is an Achiever.

Vanessa is a very high-EQ, incredibly talented professional with a multiple-year career in the tech space, leading multiple mission-critical initiatives.


Vanessa was working in a hostile work environment. Her boss was demanding without being constructive, didn’t give credit where credit was due, and was disorganized and scatter-brained – telling multiple parties to do repetitive work, or forgetting what she told to whom. 

Vanessa felt that she deserved a focused, supportive boss who could get great results from her people without tearing them down. 

Vanessa wanted out.
During our work together, Vanessa refocused her energies on her areas of expertise and her legacy of contributions, her current duties and responsibilities, what type of leader she wanted to be, and what outcomes on the job she was in control of.
Turns out, Vanessa was in control of a lot.
She was in control of 100% of her experience.

Her boss used to be a problem to Vanessa. But by using the modeling tools from Aurelian Coaching’s Executive Thinking + Performance Program, Vanessa realized that she could solve it all with an internal shift instead.

Absolutely nothing changed about Vanessa’s circumstances. Yet she managed to be incredibly productive and satisfied with her job where she was previously so miserable! Vanessa leaned into her own unique leadership style, she was a stellar example to others on her team interacting with difficult people, and she found a very strong advocacy voice for herself when her boss diminished her hard work and excellent results. 

By the end of the program, Vanessa's leadership caught the eye of other department heads and was recruited into a senior position in another part of the company. 


Executive Thinking + Performance Program

Coaching around topics of:

  • Promoting innovative thinking
  • Elimination of mental barriers to high performance
  • Building self-awareness as a leader
  • Inspiring teams and individuals
  • Managing conflict
  • Sound and confident decision-making
  • Leadership mindset
  • Self care and leadership wellness

Tools include:

  • The DART Method® of note-taking and deliberate planning
  • The Aurelian Coaching Why-Nots matrix
  • Surface Your Brilliance™ technique
  • Fear-setting exercises

$7,500 for 12 sessions of coaching

COVID era special pricing

$4,200 for 12 sessions of coaching


Nicole helps you identify the things you really desire - drilling down past your own perceptions or stories about what you do to find out what it truly is that drives you. I had never considered thinking about my path in that way. I really appreciate how she keeps me shedding those perceptions.
Marin Moran
Post Production Lead, Brand/Content Creative | Pandora
What I love about Nicole is that she forces you to see the big picture. I use what I have learned from her every single day. Her coaching has impacted my career and life in such a positive way, I am forever grateful and would recommend her teaching and coaching to anyone and everyone.
Alyssa Foster
Founding Partner | 4Front Strategic Partners LLC
Nicole helped me achieve breakthrough insights at a time when I was stuck in my career and seeking new purpose and focus. As a result of her coaching, I created a stronger foundation from which to make decisions about my career and I discovered a more effective way to navigate challenging work relationships. I found the lessons from our time together even carried over into my personal life. The gains from my time with Nicole far exceeded my expectations.
Victoria Graham
Manager, Strategic Initiatives | Facebook
Nicole is one of the most thoughtful, savvy individuals I have had the privilege of working with. She is masterful at listening, reading between the lines, and suggesting powerful tools that will help advance you toward your goals in new and thoughtful ways. Nicole has provided me with extensive support as a leader and helped me successfully navigate a transition to a new company. Her support is immeasurable, puts me at ease and provides a refreshing lens!
Christina Delsman
Revenue Cycle Strategy | UCSF Medical Center



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