Printable Planner (companion)

Want to move away from the standard to-do list that never ends?
Would you like to remain focused and ensure your calendar properly reflects your priorities?
This intentional and mindful planner companion is for you.


The Aurelian Coaching 5-Question Planner Complement is the ideal alternative to cluttered trackers and day planners, or having your calendar reflect everyone else’s priorities but your own! It serves as the perfect complement to your existing calendar, whether paper or digital, personal or professional. The planner can be applied to any length of session, whether annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.


How to use it:

  1. Answer the 5 short reflection questions BEFORE you drop tasks and meeting into a calendar and let your life get away from you.
  2. Make proactive and mindful decisions on how to spend your time during the upcoming session, aligned with your priorities.
  3. Time-block your calendar for the tasks that reflect these proactive and mindful decisions.
  4. Note the proper metrics to track your progress!

Once you have purchased, you will receive a download link, and you can save the document to your local drive for unlimited use. The PDF is compatible as a custom template upload to iPad, reMarkable, SuperNote, etc. for note-taking and annotation.

The Aurelian Coaching 5-Question Planner Complement is an excerpt from a more comprehensive tool provided through the proprietary D.A.R.T. Method®️ of deliberate planning planning. This method was developed and refined by Nicole Coustier over 15 years leading teams, and has been used by leaders at Google and Facebook, as well as organizations in healthcare and tech.