DART Method® e-book + worksheets

It’s time to get organized.
It’s time to do exactly what you need to be doing – without distraction.
It’s time to be accountable to yourself.



The D.A.R.T. Method® Ebook provides a framework to set goals, surface your obstacles and address them in advance, then set your calendar to tackle steps and finally follow through completely!

It’s a fantastic framework for self accountability, or it can be used in conjunction with the live coaching accountability program.


What you get in this 30 page ebook:

  1. The core 5 steps of the D.A.R.T. Method which will organize your goals, thoughts, and activities, as well as surface obstacles and address them proactively.
  2. Relevant examples from business, career, and personal life to demonstrate the process and impact of the system
  3. Worksheets to facilitate the application of the D.A.R.T. Method to your own life
  4. Supplemental material that provides additional useful techniques in accountability success

Once you have purchased, you will receive a download link, and you can save the document to your local drive for unlimited use. The PDF is compatible as a custom template upload to iPad, reMarkable, SuperNote, etc. for note-taking and annotation.

The D.A.R.T. Method Ebook is a companion to the D.A.R.T. Method®️ of deliberate planning accountability program. This method was developed and refined by Nicole Coustier over 15 years leading teams, and has been used by leaders at Google and Facebook, as well as organizations in healthcare and tech.