Solve Your Most Difficult, Lingering Problems By Making Fully Confident Decisions

The Decision Cascade Program

There is a consistent, reliable method for making sound decisions that are right FOR YOU and YOUR situation.

Decision-making is emotional. As much as we are taught to believe that “rational” decision-making is the goal, the real path to sound decisions is recognizing the associated emotions (that always carry influence), and then knowing what to do with them! 
(Hint: trying to ignore or pretend you are not influenced by emotion doesn’t work.)
It is possible to move from uncertainty to absolute CONFIDENCE in every tough decision you make, no matter how high the stakes feel.

Relinquish all the self-doubt, uncertainty, and anxiety. 
Instead, embrace confidence … and much improved sleep at night!

The Decision Cascade Program is the key to finally making a great decision, eliminating the trickiest problem you haven't yet been able to solve, and getting exactly what you need or want.

Nicole helped me to find my power. The cascade model that she uses and she teaches me how to use has inspired me to look at myself in a more autonomous and self-confident way. The changes that I’ve seen have been remarkable.

You can achieve a similar transformation.

From uncertain to confident.
From worried to reassured.
From afraid to excited.
From agitated to calm.

What will it be for you?

The Decision Cascade Program

What type of decisions are YOU going to resolve through this program?

Pivoting in your career?
Setting healthy boundaries?
Moving out of state or country?
Balancing work and family demands?
Managing relationships in a healthy way?

Expanding your network?

How to evaluate the circumstances around your decisions
  • Separating facts from your beliefs about your situation
  • Surfacing and dealing with perceived limitations and restrictions that are blinding you to solutions
How to make your best decisions
  • Getting away from binary thinking (right and wrong, good and bad)
  • Unlocking creativity in problem solving
  • Employing multiple strategies for shifting your mindset 
  • Setting boundaries appropriately
  • Articulating sound rationale behind your decisions
How to be absolutely confident in your decisions
  • Understanding the difference between confidence and self-confidence, and how to increase each
  • Learning how to carry a decision forward, in order to ensure its success


I came to Nicole when I was in a dark place professionally and emotionally. I felt very heard and got equal parts professional advice, and notes on personal development. After our Cascade sessions, I was primed and ready to get back out into the world.
Mike Demas
Videographer, Editor, Photographer
Nicole's [cascade model] unlocked my more centered, communicative self. She did help immeasurably in finding my voice and articulating my vision. I can't help but laugh at my [old approach], especially now that I know all the doors are open to me.
Rosalie Lamb
ABM Practitioner, Business Owner
Nicole's questions model does not feel invasive but allows me to dig deep & really think about using every decision as something that is either going to help me get closer or farther away from my vision. I've learned insightful ways to think about things.
Chris Damico
Business Development Strategist

It's time to make an investment in yourself to get everything you want, personally and professionally.

Over the span of 2 months or less, you will have all the tools you need. The Decision Cascade Program will get you to the perfect decisions FOR YOU, once and for all.

Let's get started.