Changing the game

Part of being proactive means shooting for a desired outcome. Before you decide what you will do, what conditions would you like to build and promote?

The reason I point to “conditions” rather than goals or objectives you want to achieve is because it’s a little more straightforward to define action steps toward a goal, but less so when you’re trying to create an environment, an atmosphere, a situation – to change the game itself, rather than achieve a win within the scope of the game.

Being proactive means that you are willing to accept responsibility for changing the conditions of the game itself.

In all relationships, whether friendships, marriage, kids, customers, managers, whatever, there is an understanding of what one brings to the table in exchange for something else. Relationship = the conditions under we will relate to one another.

Being proactive means accepting responsibility in outcome when stepping outside of those established parameters.

That’s certainly a bigger deal that you might have thought originally, right?

That’s fine. Being proactive is not par for the course. Being proactive is being extraordinary. That’s a heavy responsibility in some cases because you are extending beyond that imaginary line of what you’re obligated to do. You’re seeking to change the conditions of how you relate to the other party. Being proactive means changing the game.

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