Career Direction & Integration

Career Prime® Program

Achievers need to decide in advance what balance means for them, and then create it proactively.

You can’t wait for circumstances to give you the chance, or someone else to give you permission, to create the career and life you want.  

You already have answers to your questions somewhere within...
But you need to cut through the clutter to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Do you strive to keep moving up, vying for limited senior leadership positions, given family needs? Do you pivot into another industry, or an “industry-adjacent” role, or take the depth of expertise you have and strike out on your own? Do you take a step back to refocus on family, since it seems your kids are growing so fast?

Learn to make the decision, and then go ALL IN to ensure its success.


I am so grateful to have Nicole as a guiding light. She has helped me navigate through the ranks and carve out a role that fits my skill sets and lifestyle. She has helped me grow while maintaining my sanity, personal ethics, and priorities.


The Career Prime® Program

Coaching topics include:

  • Addressing limiting beliefs and proactive decision-making
  • Purpose, motivations, identity
  • Expertise, personal advocacy, positioning, leadership
  • Novel networking strategy
  • Relationship with conflict
  • Inherent worthiness, self-care and wellness

Tools include:

  • The DART Method® of deliberate planning
  • The Aurelian Coaching Why-Nots matrix
  • Surface Your Brilliance™ technique
  • Novel Networking™ career campaign materials
  • Fear-setting exercises
  • The Model for mental and emotional wellbeing


Nicole helped guide me through a job search that ultimately landed me in what I'd consider a dream job. Through the process I gained clarity of myself. Her perspective, accountability and reassurance kept me on track, pushed me past frustrating moments, and gave me significantly more confidence. Nicole was invaluable, I'm forever grateful.
Jay Oberhelman
Director, Solar Operations and Maintenance | GRID Alternatives
When I met Nicole I was working in a field I had little experience in. With Nicole's guidance, I was able to create a future for myself in this field of work and it made me a leader within my company. She offers great perspective on how to navigate the business world, and is an amazing resource to anyone interested in exploring their potential.
Jennifer Berge
Field Reimbursement Capabilities Specialist | Eli Lilly and Company
Nicole has been instrumental in my growth and development. She introduced me to innovative ways of positioning myself in meaningful ways and in various capacities in the industry. Nicole helped me through focus and accountability to stay on task when considering my bigger goals in life. She’s a motivator and a true visionary.
Martina Tran
Customer Solutions | World Markets



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