Career Leadership ~ Actionable leadership development and refinement of management skills

This program is for:

  • People who are not prepared to make a career pivot or job change, but want to vastly improve their current situation.
  • People who want to cut through the clutter of available information online, learn the most effective management skills and how to put these strategies into practice in real time

This program includes:

  • Baseline management skills (cultivating trust, managing up, strengths-based approach to problem-solving and conflict resolution)
  • Constructive criticism (providing feedback to others in constructive ways that gets results yet fosters trust, seeking feedback in actionable, productive ways… and leaving behind what doesn’t serve you)
  • Work/life balance definition specific to your work and your life
  • Novel time management (using your calendar for productivity over simply scheduling events; focus and priorities, deep work, and flow: decision-making around tasks and obligations; discussion of time management best practices and evaluating trade-offs)
  • Positioning (mindset for maneuvering within “political” or role-sensitive environments; how to position yourself ideally relative to your situation/opportunities, aligned with your goals; the latest emotionally intelligent negotiation techniques supported by favorable results)
  • Sound decision-making

Career Leadership is designed as an 8 session program provided for $2,499.

I use what I have learned from Nicole every single day. Her coaching has truly impacted my career and life in such a positive way, I am forever grateful and would recommend her teaching and coaching to anyone and everyone.

Alyssa grasso