Nicole Coustier, Founder of Aurelian Coaching

“I teach how to think differently about your options,
and help you get over the discomfort of new things.
Start to entertain big ideas
, and see results quickly.”

Nicole Coustier is a certified executive performance and life coach, helping already accomplished people double down on their powerhouse talents in order to deliver on aggressive goals and position themselves ideally for new opportunities.

Nicole guides her clients by leveraging wisdom from her 20+ years in business development, strategy, operations in the arenas of epidemiology, government policy, med-tech, and consulting. The coaching she provides is not based just on theory, but on personal expertise with 10+ of those years in mid-level and executive-level management. Nicole knows crisis management, having helped her people in a small consultancy survive the 2008 recession when many small firms could not do so.

Nicole has had the honor of launching talented achievers into countless leadership positions over the years, across various organizations and through tough times. While in industry, she coached and mentored others to success. Now as the founder of her own practice, she continues to coach great people into even greater situations.