Being proactive in uncertain times

Does anyone else feel like they’re constantly on the defensive?

External circumstances are thrust upon us. We respond as best as we can.

Let me offer an alternative to being on the defensive: being more proactive.

Being proactive actually doesn’t take more energy than being passive or reactive.

The energy you use in being proactive is certainly different, but it’s definitely not more, than being reactive. In fact, any stress and anxiety from being on the defensive all the time is more draining than the empowerment you get from being proactive.

So why not make things happen FOR yourself in this time, rather than letting everything happen TO you?

The next Aurelian Coaching free webinar, Being Proactive in Uncertain Times, is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 14 at 3pm ET / 12noon PT.

I will help you find ways to redirect your energy away from being reactive or passive to being much more proactive. After the webinar, you’ll have methods that you can put into practice that will have the side benefits of making you feel more in control, more motivated, and even sleeping better at night.

Please note that you must register to receive a replay link if you are unable to make it live!

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