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Behind my brand: the company name and logo

Sometimes, I get questions about my company name and logo; people want the story behind my brand. I love telling people about those origins! I thought I would do a fun Q&A here.

Q: What does Aurelian mean?

A. Aurelian is a color on the yellow/gold part of the spectrum. Yellow is the color of personal power (the color of the solar plexus chakra, if you’re the hippie-dippy type, which I occasionally am).

Since I anchored the company’s mission in proactivity, my clients learn to invoke a healthy dose of self-determination and personal power in order to see success. When I help my clients with their personal power, I am leveraging expertise at the intersection of my career strategy practice and my life coaching practice. That’s when I’m most fulfilling the brand.

(Aurelian is also the name of a Roman from the third century, someone who rose up from humble beginnings to become emperor. You might have heard of the Aurelian wall in Rome. That’s from him. That’s not a terrible connotation, either.)

Q. Did you have any other names that you were considering?

A. Yes! But I won’t reveal them here. 🙂 I took a survey of my personal and professional colleagues with both the potential names of the company, as well as the story behind my brand, and Aurelian came out on top as the name that resonated with most people.

(I’m glad… because it was my favorite among the options!)

Q. How do you pronounce the name of your company?

A. Aw-RILL-ee-un Coaching

Q. How did you come up with the brand logo?

A. I did an online bidding contest among contract designers. When I described the company and its mission, the story behind my brand, designers then submitted their proposed designs. I wanted something aspirational. The star, the horizon, and the person’s solar plexus area leading the figure’s movement all captured that essence.