You’ve found your expert career coach!

Aurelian Coaching’s mission is to help mid-career professionals surface their unique set of strengths and professional values to transform them from managing their careers mostly by default to proactively crafting careers with purpose.

If you are a mid-career professional looking for a career coach to help you:

  • Re-evaluate your career options
  • Make a jump from one industry into another
  • Pivot to a different role
  • Do authentic and effective networking
  • Excel in your current role, or
  • Manage the difficult intersection of career and family/personal goals,

Aurelian Coaching can help.

With the proper mindset, a deliberate focus on how to position yourself, and knowledge of what your greatest levers are, you can become that perfectly balanced professional who:

  • Leverages your expertise instead of just your experience
  • Uses concrete data yet applies emotional intelligence to the analysis
  • Executes on networking in a productive and interesting way
  • Fosters trust through direct, constructive criticism, and
  • Delivers on all of your goals, even while supporting others.

Nicole Coustier, Founder

Nicole is an expert career coach and positioning strategist, helping mid-career professionals surface their powerhouse talents in order to learn how to talk about themselves well, network in an authentic way, and position themselves ideally for new opportunities.

Nicole uses her 20+ years in business development, strategy, operations, and policy work in government, med-tech, consulting to guide my clients. The recommendations she provides are not based just on theory, but on 10+ of those years in mid-level and executive-level management and as a hiring manager. While in industry, she coached and mentored others to success. Now as the founder of her own practice, she continues to coach great people into even greater situations.

What I want to do for you is surface a longer-term vision for your career and teach you how to achieve it. I want to help you move from simply collecting work experiences and more responsibility to truly owning your expertise and crafting opportunities for yourself.

We do this through discovery exercises, professional brand and positioning work, targeted networking campaigns, and leadership development training.

My coaching is straightforward, creative and specific to the mid-career professional in the modern marketplace. My clients know that I am an ongoing partner.

Nicole coustier

Nicole has had the honor of launching talented achievers into countless leadership and management positions over the years, across various organizations. She coaches these achievers to find balance by adjusting the lens through which they process information and take action.

Let her do the same for you.

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