Aurelian Coaching helps you improve their professional and career decision-making by re-evaluating the lens through which you process information and take action.

Aurelian Coaching was founded on the philosophy (and experience!) that growth and development in the workplace can occur at rapid pace at any stage. My focus is on mid-career professionals, especially midlevel managers, on an advancement track. I often coach high achievers in juggling significant personal milestones alongside professional ones, or professionals needing assistance with career pivots.

With the proper mindset and a deliberate practice focused on what’s important, what your role is, and what your greatest levers are, you can become that perfectly balanced manager who:

  • uses concrete data and evidence yet applies emotional intelligence to the analysis
  • holds people to high standards yet avoids micromanaging
  • gives direct, “un-sugar-coated” constructive criticism yet is trusted, and
  • supports others’ goals yet still delivers on all of your own.

I also have a specialized program for helping midlevel professionals with career pivots, in particular. For more information, click the For Job Seekers link at the top of the page, or email info@aureliancoaching.com


Nicole Littmann, Founder

I’ve coached men and women in med tech and consulting for over 10 years. I’ve personally transitioned through multiple management phases in my work and life, from overseeing individuals to project teams to entire business units, at the same time managing marriage, my tribe, parenting, and the death of dear loved ones. I’ve had the honor of launching talented achievers into countless leadership and management positions over the years, across various organizations. I coach these achievers to find balance by adjusting the lens through which they process information and take action.

The people I coach are all around me, and they are incredibly smart, passionate, ambitious and resourceful people. I’m not interested in just helping you make it through. I’m interested in catapulting you to where you want to be.

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