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Every smart, accomplished person I know has come across some extremely challenging decision, where it felt like their world depended on their choice, and there was no clear answer.

Having been in their shoes multiple times – personally and professionally – and having coached others through high-stakes decisions for 20ish years, I’ve developed a method that not just gets you to a decision, but brings with it a calm confidence.

Nicole Coustier


Over the course of 25 years in the government, corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial worlds, chances are I’ve been exactly in your shoes.

I know what it’s like to have your personal life throw you a curveball and still have to perform under pressure on the job. And maintain your professional demeanor all the while.

  • I have dealt with difficult people. 
  • I have inherited others’ problems.
  • I have been yanked out of meetings for hair-on-fire moments.
  • I have needed to perform at work through personal turmoil.
  • I have hired and fired people. 
  • I have worked with organizations growing at exponential rates. 

And I know exactly what it’s like to achieve incredible success, personal health and wellbeing, and raise a family through all of it.

I have the experience of working in various functional units – from business development and sales, strategy, operations, management, to program design. The coaching I provide is not based just on theory, but on the expertise of 10+ of those years in senior- and executive-level management. 

I’ve had the honor of launching talented Achievers into countless leadership positions over the years, across various organizations, through recessions and other troubled times. While in industry, I coached and mentored others to success. Now as the founder of my own practice, I coach great people into even greater situations.

 You’re not “missing” anything. You have everything it takes. But don’t waste time on solving the wrong problem. The real work is in being honest with yourself about what’s holding you back, and remove those roadblocks once and for all. 

Make your decisions confidently.

Learn new techniques to surface your brilliance, embrace your expertise, and forge ahead without looking back in order to have the career and life experience you want.

I will guide you on how to do it.