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The 12 Days of Networking! Sign up for a great networking challenge.

I love the holidays – and I love helping people get over their discomfort around networking. So this season, I will combine my two loves for a fantastic networking challenge!

If you are interested in participating, sign up for the Aurelian Skill Masters group at the top bar by entering your name and email, and I will slot you right in!

From December 13 to December 25, you will get a daily email that will describe one aspect of networking and one activity to put these new skills into practice.

If you think networking feels inauthentic or awkward, this challenge is for you!

The result will NOT be having to do it despite feeling that way. The result will be a totally different approach to networking that will feel way more comfortable and still be productive.

Want a sneak peek into the networking challenge’s content? Here are a few of the key items on the challenge agenda:

  • Identifying the types of contacts have the highest ROI 
  • Crafting messages that get attention and response
  • Making the most of short interactions
  • Following up in truly effective ways

From my clients:

I reached out to 10 people, and I had great follow-ups with 3 of them already, and the week is not done yet. I’m pleasantly surprised!

Destiny A.

The high response rate is both surprising and encouraging, and I think this initial success will help me get in touch with more people.

Jeff H.

Don’t worry if you sign up late, I promise you will still get all 12 networking tips and activities for a Christmas present!

Sign up at the top bar and let’s do this!

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