Nicole Coustier

I teach those working in very demanding industries how to navigate thorny issues, solve lingering problems once and for all, and ultimately get everything they want.

What if you could level up and be genuinely happy and fulfilled – personally and professionally – without turning your life upside down to do it? 

Begin addressing this today. Just one hour will put you on the right path.

My clients are high Achievers in demanding industries, just Like you, who ARE READY TO FINALLY RESOLVE LINGERING PROBLEMS AND GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT.

You are a smart, accomplished professional. Yet you might find that the usual strategies for success are now leaving you frustrated or uncertain, even while you’re doing all the “right” things.

Sometimes, you find yourself navigating a situation that feels very high-stakes and high-consequence, and you want the insight and confidence to make the best decisions. 

the solution is not what you might think.

Professionals like you don’t need more time – you’ve already spent enough time on your lingering issue without a decision. You don’t need to do more research or gather more data – if the data were out there, you’d get it.

Instead, you need to remove the blocks to your own expertise. Let go of the limitations that hold you back from leveraging the talent, training, and experience you already have to get what you want.



My time is really precious. I'm super busy. What I really liked is that we got to the detail of what the issue was quickly. I loved the practicality of the Pathfinder session. I was able to get straight through to solutions in a really great timeframe.
Kerry Thompson
I wondered, “What could [coaching] possibly do?” I didn’t believe we could accomplish so much in a Pathfinder hour; I had to borrow Nicole’s confidence. But I found the thing that will make me the happiest! I have the makings of something truly great!
Becky Ogden
Business owner, educator
Nicole can challenge individuals to think outside conventional thinking. In my Pathfinder session, she helped me develop a framework for tackling challenging business problems, so I have been able to provide unique and creative solutions for my clients.
Nick Greene
Director, Field Reimbursement
[In my Pathfinder session], Nicole made sure that I found that emotional state which really works best for me and that I also know how to recreate it in the future. Nicole was interested in my patterns and how I can have them work FOR me rather than against me and I feel both seen and heard – and challenged.
Mette Lauesen
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
Nicole’s Pathfinder coaching was instrumental in helping me get past mental blocks and external challenges. After working with her, things actually started happening!! She breaks down complex scenarios so that I can easily focus on what I need to do next to move forward and continue making positive change.
Anne Beyer
Regional Client Account Manager
During my Pathfinder session with Nicole, she not only helped me figure out the source of my mental blocks, but also helped me understand why I was not making any progress. I was given a plan that I could apply immediately but more importantly, it was realistic enough that I could follow through with it to see results.
Sae Park
Owner and Founder

Join these accomplished professionals who got fresh perspective on their lingering problems. They are getting exactly what they want, all without having to make a lot of undesirable compromises or turning their lives upside down to do it.

You can do the same. We start in a one hour Pathfinder session.


Executive Performance and Leadership Coach
Business Operations and Growth Consultant
Startup Advisor

During my 25+ years in government, tech, consulting, and patient advocacy, I created a comprehensive set of tools that boosted my performance in profound ways, which allowed my teams to accomplish more with fewer resources, significantly increase confidence in decisions, and most importantly, maintain a love of our collective work.