Nicole Coustier

Helping Achievers, especially those in the med-tech arena, to surface their expertise and increase sound decision-making in high-stakes situations.


My clients are Achievers.

They are smart, talented individuals who have seen incredible success in their careers and personal lives. Most of them are in or adjacent to the med-tech arena.

And they are struggling with the issues that come with increasing success:

Confusion about the application of their own expertise, decision-making in high-stakes situations, self-confidence in performing at senior levels, or work obligations overshadowing quality time with their growing kids

Aurelian Coaching’s programs teach Achievers like you:

A. The definitive high-EQ leadership model
applicable to any and all difficult circumstances you face, and is the key to making good decisions

B. Novel techniques to surface any buried wisdom
as well as embrace and leverage your expertise

C. A planning system that removes all roadblocks
(especially internal, subconscious ones) that prevent you from meeting/exceeding your KPIs

After going through my programs, these Achievers gain clarity and flourish with confidence to get through any tough situation and accomplish new levels of personal and professional success.


Nicole helped guide me into a great new role that I’d consider a dream job. Her feedback and insights were excellent. Her reassurance kept me on track, pushed me past frustrating moments, and gave me significantly more confidence. I gained clarity of myself, my wants, my strengths, and more. I’m forever grateful.
Jay Oberhelman
Director, Solar Operations & Maintenance | GRID Alternatives
Nicole’s coaching was instrumental in helping me get past perceived mental blocks and external challenges, so that I could act and start moving toward my goals. She breaks down complex scenarios and emotions so that you can easily focus on what you need to do next to move forward and start making positive change.
Anne Beyer
Regional Client Account Manager | Manpower Group
What makes Nicole a great leader and coach is her ability to challenge individuals to think outside the box and away from conventional thinking. By helping me develop a framework for tackling challenging business problems, I have been able to more effectively provide creative solutions for my clients.
Nick Greene
Director, Field Reimbursement | Glaukos Corporation


for Individuals

For those who want to perform better on the job: Manage the discomfort of growth and the weighty responsibilities of true leadership.

Career Direction & Integration

For those managing the intersection of career and family: Learn different ways to build the fulfilling and integrated life you want.

for Teams

For med-tech companies who want to improve performance across the board: Learn from Nicole’s 16 years in med-tech, especially from growth phases.


For those who want to craft a new future for themselves: Professional coaching for individuals who have suffered the loss of a spouse.

Let's discuss which program is best for you


Learn how to tap into your own expertise and increase your self-confidence.


Creator of The DART Method® and
the Surface Your Brilliance™ technique

Founder of Aurelian Coaching

I am a certified executive performance and life coach, helping already accomplished people double down on their powerhouse talents in order to position themselves ideally for any new opportunities that come their way – or better yet, to create their own opportunities.

During my 25 years in government, corporate and consulting environments, I was always curious about what prevented people from living up to their potential and performing at peak states. After years of experimentation, tweaking, and validation, I finalized a comprehensive set of tools that boosted my personal effectiveness in profound ways – as well as that of anyone working with me. 

Now, I bring these tools into my everyday coaching, helping Achievers leverage their expertise, practice new levels of self-confidence, and make the best decisions for themselves and their families.