Early and mid-career Achievers juggle important professional and personal milestones at the same time.

Through the free Skill Masters group as well as management mastery programs,

Aurelian Coaching teaches Achievers how to adjust the lens they look through in life

in order to make better decisions and be more effective at work and at home.

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With the proper mindset and a deliberate practice focused on determining what’s important, what your role is, and what your levers are, you can maintain that feeling of achievement through multiple work and life milestones.

This work matters because:

  1. It’s not going to get less complicated. Achievers want more. But “more” requires that you have the mindset to manage it.
  2. Conditioning yourself to take in and process information well will always serve you, long after any coaching engagement is done.
  3. You need to find your own way of doing it right. You can’t be a copycat of someone else’s success. The sooner you find and get on your own path, the better.

The point is not to discover the right life hacks to free up your time or to gain more energy. The point is to become more efficient and more effective in your assessment and decision-making so you never have to “hack” anything.


Nicole Littmann, Founder

I’ve coached men and women in med tech and consulting for over 10 years. I’ve personally transitioned through multiple management phases in my work and life, from overseeing individuals to project teams to entire business units, at the same time managing marriage, my tribe, parenting, and the death of dear loved ones. I coach achievers to find balance by adjusting the lens through which they process information and take action.

The people I coach are all around me, and they are incredibly smart, passionate, ambitious and resourceful people. I’m not interested in just helping you make it through. I’m interested in catapulting you to where you want to be.

Join me for weekly Facebook Lives on Thursdays at 12 Noon Pacific time to discuss the mindset management topic of the week.

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