Nicole Coustier

Helping Achievers like you get to greater levels of success... even though you feel you've hit a brick wall.

What if you could meet all your big, crazy goals and be genuinely happy and fulfilled in career and life – without turning your life upside down to do it?

My clients are Achievers Like you who ARE READY TO TAKE SUCCESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

You are a smart, talented, accomplished individual. 
Yet you might find that the usual strategies for success are now leaving you dissatisfied or frustrated, even while you’re doing all the “right” things.

the solution is not what you might think.

Achievers like you don’t need more talent. You don’t need more training.
You don’t need to wait to gather more experience.
You don’t even need to jump ship and leave your job or department.

Instead, you need to remove the blocks to your own expertise. Remove the limitations that hold you back from maximizing the talent, training, and experience you already have.

you can have exactly the career and life you want - minus the frustrating parts - beginning now.


During my coaching with Nicole, she not only helped me figure out the source of my mental blocks, but also helped me understand why I was not making any progress. I was given a plan that I could apply immediately but more importantly, it was realistic enough that I could follow through with it to see results.
Sae Park
Owner and Founder | Seasalt Kids Eco-Friendly Swimwear
Nicole’s coaching was instrumental in helping me get past perceived mental blocks and external challenges. After working with her, things actually started happening!! She breaks down complex scenarios and emotions so that I can easily focus on what I need to do next to move forward and continue making positive change.
Anne Beyer
Regional Client Account Manager | Manpower Group
What makes Nicole a great leader and coach is her ability to challenge individuals to think outside the box and away from conventional thinking. By helping me develop a framework for tackling challenging business problems, I have been able to more effectively provide creative solutions for my clients.
Nick Greene
Director, Field Reimbursement | Glaukos Corporation

It’s time for you to join this subset of Achievers who have figured out how to level up without having to make a bunch of compromises or turning their lives upside down to do it.


Creator of The DART Method® and the Surface Your Brilliance™ technique

Founder of Aurelian Coaching

I am a certified executive performance and life coach, helping accomplished people get out of their own way to unlock greater levels of success.

During my 25 years in government, corporate and consulting arenas, I created a comprehensive set of tools that boosted my performance in profound ways – as well as that of anyone working with me. 

Now, I bring these tools into my everyday coaching, helping Achievers remove their mental and emotional blocks to make BEST use of their talent and expertise.